We are a charity set up to provide financial aid to families in the Forest of Dean area who lose a young person in a road traffic collision.

We also aim to raise awareness of Road Safety in the Forest of Dean and surrounding area.

About Leanne's Gift


On the 31st May 2013, Leanne Davies who was just 19 years old was a passenger in a car that was involved with a RTC (road traffic collision); she died as a result of her injuries leaving her family heartbroken.

As Leanne was so young she had no independent financial security in place; she was living at home with her family and was training to be a hair stylist. Leanne’s parents were both in jobs where, for different reasons they were not entitled to paid time off, leaving them struggling to pay for her funeral but also with the day to day living costs of the family. There is currently nothing in place from the government to financially support a parent who loses a child in a RTC, however there is if it were a spouse.

Leanne’s wider family and friends clubbed together and organised a fun day and collected donations to help Leanne’s family pay for her headstone. And in total they raised over £2000. As a result of their friends' kindness and in memory of Leanne, her family wanted to be able to help other families, who go through the pain of losing a child in a RTC by being able to provide some financial aid to them whether it be to pay funeral costs or to buy a weeks groceries.

Thus, Leanne’s Gift was created.

So far we have raised over £40,000, so thank you to you all!

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