Leanne Paige Davies was born in March 1994 to her parents Paul and Heather, and lived in Coleford in the Forest Of Dean.

She attended Lydbrook Primary School and from an early age became a very popular girl. Leanne had 2 brothers, Luke and Mitch who although annoyed her greatly, she loved very much. She was a very generous big sister and would always give her brothers what she could.


As a child Leanne loved Disney and often dressed in Disney outfits pretending to be a princess. She had an extremely fortunate childhood and fulfilled her dream of meeting the Disney princesses by visiting Disneyworld in Florida. Her hope was to go there again someday.

She attended Lakers Secondary School and in her teens moved to Worrall Hill in Lydbrook. After amazing results in her GCSE exams she chose to go on to Wyedean sixth form to study A Levels in the hope of becoming a midwife. 

Leanne’s crazy personality was soon to shine through and she decided in a total change of career! Having a natural flair for beauty and hair she began an apprenticeship in a local salon as a hairstylist, she was half way through her second year and was due to qualify at the end of the year.

Leanne was a beautiful, playful, bubbly girl who loved life. Her family and friends were her world who she loved unconditionally. She had so much to look forward to and touched the hearts of everyone she met.

Her life was to come to a sudden tragic end in May 2013 when she was a passenger in a car that was involved in a RTC. It was a devastating time for all of Leanne’s family and friends and the financial implication of funeral costs and loss of earnings left a huge strain on her parents. 

As a tribute and in memory of such a special Angel, Leanne’s Gift was born. 

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